Canada 3

At Essipit, a Native American village near Tadoussac. The decline of the river banks are so steep that you can see whales from the shore.

EssipitA last one from that “magic” morning at Chibougameau.

ChibougameauOne of the shore of Orillia, ON, next to the museum dedicated to Stephen Leacock, author of “Sunshine sketches of a little town”.

OrilliaAnd one from the biosphere at Montréal. A really fine museum.


More to come..

Canada 2

First, two pictures of one of the coolest places in the known universe (or multiverse, you decide): Chibougamau. And more precisely, the “Gîte de la rivière“.

IMG_2806 IMG_2801The place is just great, the hosts are fantastic, and will go way out to please you. And the breakfast is to die for, as an added bonus.

Then, another one of Lake Pink. I really enjoyed the place.

IMG_4573And finally, one of Montréal.


As usually, more to come.